UK Residency and Non Doms

The Statutory Residence Test (STR) introduced in Finance Act 2013 has bought a myriad of changes to the way we establish an individuals residency status for a particular tax year.

Moreover, recent changes to the deemed domicile rules for income and capital gains tax from 6 April 2017, have added even more complexity to these rules.

Whether you are coming to the UK for the first time, leaving the UK indefinitely (or for work related reasons) or returning to the UK after spending some time abroad, you will undoubtedly need some advice on the tax consequences.

UK Residency and Non Dom Service:

  • MW Tax offer proactive tax advice to individuals who are coming to or leaving the UK including:
  • Help and advice on the complex statutory laws and ensuring that individuals are aware of the UK tax implications
  • Advice to non-doms on issues such as the remittance vs arising basis of taxation
  • Help with the preparation and submission of your UK tax return
  • The subject of UK Residency is very broad and wide spread and can affect areas of tax that some individuals may not be aware of.

MW Tax can advise on a range of residency issues, some of which are mentioned above. If you need help or have a question about your residency status then please get in touch.